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Do you want a watermelon?

Do you want a watermelon?

Let us help you start your own KidsWow EnglishPro training center.  You can teach your children at home, start a school, or just get some new ideas about the natural learning process.  家で子供たちを教えたり、KidsWow EnglishPro 実習センターを羽島足り、それか英語の自然の学び方を受けたりしてもいいと思います。

Send me an e-mail with your questions or interests and let’s talk about ways to help your family learn English.


KidsWow EnglishPro

669-11 神戸市北区道場町生野1172−830

1172-830 Ikuno Dojo-cho Kita-ku, Kobe Japan  669-11


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